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Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Buzz Rating

Battle of the Bands Rock on the Range stage

So, you have signed up for Battle of the Bands to *fingers crossed* cash in on the opportunity to play in front of thousands. Now what? You can do more to catapult your band to the top of the rankings than just counting on luck. Here are the top ten ways you can get your band noticed and on to the big stage.

1. Express yourself. Write up a description of your band including the band member names, the type of music you play, information about how you came together, shows you have played, etc. The more people know, the more they can connect to you and your music.
2. Say cheese. Add band photos to your profile to give your fans and curious spectators an idea of what your band stands for. Uploading photos of your band playing gigs, group photos, etc. all help your audience engage with your band more.
3. Youtube. Upload videos of your band’s latest single or your favorite song to your profile to round out your band profile. It could be a professionally produced music video or a simple video with album art, anything to get people listening to your music.
4. What’s your type? List the genre(s) of your music on your profile. Battle of the Bands fans can search for new bands to support based on a genre filter built into the website. You just may gain a few new followers that way alone.
5. Link in. Make sure that your BOTB profile page is correctly linked to your band’s Facebook page. That link is just one more way to engage with old fans and create new ones.
6. Share those sound waves. Share at least one MP3 on your band page to give your fans a listen to some of your most popular material. The more songs you upload, the more listens you will likely get!
7. Drive traffic. Encourage your fans to share your BOTB profile page with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram (basically any social media site they are active on.)
8. Become a Facebook fiend. Post regularly on your band’s Facebook page to collect more Facebook fans. Post about gigs, recording albums, pictures from your daily life, updates about Battle of the Bands; just be creative!
9. ReverbNation station. Link your Vans Warped Tour BOTB profile page with your band’s ReverbNation account and pocket an extra boost on your buzz rating. And if you don’t already have an account, get one here for free.
10. Give and you shall receive. Give a little love to your fans that took the time to comment on your BOTB band profile page. Responding back to some comments encourages fans to continue sharing your music and page with their friends.