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Welcome to the NEW Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands

We are very excited to launch the NEW and IMPROVED year-round version of our site. For over 17 years, Ernie Ball has been providing bands and artists with amazing live performance opportunities on the countries top Festivals and Tours. Now we are taking things one step further...

Discover + Perform + Connect

By featuring one central portal to endless opportunities, is now an all-inclusive music discovery site for both artists and fans alike. Here, you can register to discover and connect with a sea of up and coming talent, or sign up your band for a chance to perform at a world class event and win tons of cool prizes from our partners.

Each contest opportunity and prize package is unique, so make sure to check them all out. Over the years, we have offered bands the chance to share the stage on the Vans Warped Tour, The Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival, The Clapton Crossroads Festival, the Mayercraft Carrier, the Best Buy Tour, and the Moto Madness Tour.

We are now expanding our reach and have many new performance opportunities planned throughout the year, so check back often.

Our contests are all based on a proprietary system developed by Ernie Ball called "Buzz Rating." Buzz Rating gives you a real time snapshot of each band's overall exposure level. Taking into account both viral reach and real world factors, a 1-100 rating system is produced, giving you an accurate reading on each band's relevance within the industry. Buzz Rating also calculates Fan votes as an overall % of each bands rating. In order to BOOST your Buzz Rating, make sure your profile is complete and you have a valid link to your bands public Facebook profile. 3 weeks prior to each venue date, our judges will review the music for the top 100 Buzz Rated bands for that particular venue. Each band, 1-100, will have an equal chance of being selected to play.

Spamming or Trading votes is NOT permitted! If you are a band that persists in looking to advance by offering to "trade votes" with other bands you will NOT be considered for a slot! These are contests where you should let the music and fans do the talking.

We sincerely thank all the bands and music fans for participating. We build these contests as a way to give back to our customer base and provide cool opportunities to unsigned bands. We hope to see you on the Ernie Ball Stage!

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